Torchwood 2:8 (Spoilers)

A Day in the Death

‘Like Jesus but without the beard’. Nice. Martha supplants Owen, who can’t come to terms with being dead yet alive, and whom Jack doesn’t trust for…being like him?! Not quite – he can’t die but he can break. Not needing even to eat, Owen starts to disconnect from everyone and everything. He has his uses as a stealth operative, having no body heat or heart beat, but can he be trusted and will this all end in tears? The framing storyline of him with a suicidal woman atop the Cardiff car park seems to suggest so…

The acting’s as strong as it’s been throughout series 2 so far. Burn Gorman does far better than he did last year in this showcase episode, showing very nicely the contradictions of what Owen’s going through and what his new status quo ends up as. With the rate she too is improving, departing Freema Agyeman might just steal the show when she returns to Doctor Who in a couple of months. But the script doesn’t quite match up with the strength of the plot – Gorman’s chat with a pontificating Richard Briers, both comparing their ideas about death, was worthy acting but a boring segment of a show which needed to take off. The framing sequence too had huge potential to start with, but ended up sappy beyond belief. It wasn’t a bad episode, it was just tedious. Couldn’t Owen’s new status quo have been more interesting and been developed with any excitement? A wasted opportunity.


One response to “Torchwood 2:8 (Spoilers)

  1. I agree it feels as though more could have been done. Think it would have been more interesting if Owen had died and we had to watch every one deal with their grief maybe a number of flash backs to older Torchwoods when they lost members of the team. Just feels a little like no one is in danger becasue Captain Doctor Jack will bring them back to life some how.

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