Torchwood 2:7 (Spoilers)

Time again for…..













Dead Man Walking

Hmm. Some limited storytelling glitches, but otherwise another very strong story. It was again let down by weak CGI, but the story of Owen’s resurrection made for a great ghost story. Jack uses the gauntlet from series 1 to revive Owen long enough to say goodbye, except Owen doesn’t slip away again. Still dead, not able to eat, drink or shag (his words), he starts to change into something more than human. The team has to deal with the fact that he is the host of Death and Martha’s next in its sights…

It really is impressive the way in which Owen’s character has been addressed this season. From having huge potential last year and seeing little of it, he’s now quite fully rounded, as is his now highly confused quasi-relationship with Toshiko. The acting was top notch by the entire cast – which now seems to be the norm – and the new conflicts affecting them, with Owen now either with them for good or dead at any moment, are even more interesting and raw than they’ve ever been. So the CGI of Death was overly goofy, and the question of why Jack didn’t challenge it when we know he can’t die wasn’t tackled, and all that was really missing was more Ianto. Lovely lovely Ianto. Sigh.

Nasty looking trailer for next week…where Jack’s resurrection drew him to greater heroism, Owen’s resurrection leaves him…where? What would you do if you couldn’t just not die, but were already dead?


3 responses to “Torchwood 2:7 (Spoilers)

  1. What a season so far. Thanks to torrents on the internets I can keep up with our friends in the UK. CBC in Canada just finished season 1 not too long ago. I guess, the longer one waits the cheaper the program cost. The Owen stuff mentioned above sounds like an exciting episode. Can’t wait to see it! Even knowing the plot, I still want to view the show. Cheers eh!

  2. My roommate and I ended up screaming at the TV (er, the computer screen) in frustration through a good part of this episode because it was just so bizarre. The acting was good, yes, but the plot was extremely strange (Owen as Death?).

  3. I was marginally disappointed that it wasn’t Owen as Satan. The similarities between this scenario and the one the Doctor faced on the Asteroid were pretty huge, and it would have made a great link into DW season 4, considering Martha’s going back there after finishing up here…

    In the end it wasn’t fully realised, was it, and the CGI of a skeleton was awfully Family Guy. But the premise was good – the new status quo for Owen was good. They just fell slightly into their old trap of rushed editing and not having the courage to fully run with their idea. To have had a really good X-Files look at who/what is Death would have been fantastic. Close, though.

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