Skins 2:2 (Spoilers)


Ok I’m convinced. This episode’s sheer weirdness and willingness to go down some very dark corridors and stay there made it entirely worthwhile. Enter new character Sketch – female carer to a disabled single mother, living in a deluded fantasy world where she and Maxxie are in love with each other. Maxxie of course doesn’t know this. Sketch sees her way in via new school play Osama: The Musical, and even Michelle’s role as lead opposite Maxxie can’t stop her…

Mitch Hewer's hot body

Wisely even though the episode is about Sketch, Maxxie again steals the show. Hewer’s three butt shots have already escaped into every tabloid magazine in the country, and this time his acting held up against the impressive body. His gradual realisation of Sketch’s obsession, and his final response to it worked out very well. The dark humour of Sketch and Anwar’s closing sex session also counterbalanced the real darkness of Sketch’s abuse of her mother quite nicely. The gang all know she’s nuts, but she’s successfully inveigling herself into their lives anyway. Great drama – not so good for Maxxie, or Michelle, if this episode is anything to go by.

It was a bit overly dark in patches, but found some good moments which punctured it – Bill Bailey’s dog above all. Priceless. I’m going to keep watching I think.


18 responses to “Skins 2:2 (Spoilers)

  1. I think mitch hewer is very very very hot!!!!
    i am a model from leeds and have just recently had an audition to be on skins with my twin sister lizzie!
    i really hope i get it i want it more than anything and if i get to meet mitch my dreams will come true!:) LOVE YOU MITCH HEWER SEXYY BOY! X X X X X X X X X


    is all you can say really. and i aint a pedo.




  3. mitch is the hottest guy i’ve ever seen in my whole life

    he is so sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyy 😀


  4. i love blondes and he has a nice boddy so he is on me list lol (fIttie)

  5. :Q____________

  6. he is the fittest guy on earth, i’d do him neday:)
    i was gonna try auditionin 4 the part of the twins but no1 can compete wit how sxc maxxie is………..

  7. phwoarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;D

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!! He is soooooooo fucking fit!!!!!!!! I think i am in love!!!!!! I wuld have him over nd over agen…all day..anyday!!!!! GEORGOUS!!!!!!!!!

  9. maxxie's girlfriend

    guys don’t even try it! he is taken! and yes he is good in bed, and gorgeus for that fact! ur all sluts he doesn’t like desperate girls like you! go do the big A love ya

  10. This Boy IS So Buffing =]
    When I First Saw Him I Was Running Round My Room
    Thought I Was In Love
    Umm Fittie=]

  11. ii looovvee u mitch ii saw u on the liily allan and freiinds show. Lol u woz drunk iiniit .x. N i ave al the eposoiids of skiins COZ U R IIN IIT OVIIASLY .x. Im 14 n cum frm romford iin east london .x. Luf u mitch all wayz n 4 eva . N iim not desprate ii just love u .x.

  12. He is actully proper buffage. I would;; Phwarr.. If i ever met him i would litterly faint. I know i would probley never meet him but oh well.. But the truth is..

    Everyone’s like Gosh hes sexy and all that when…

    Nicholas Hoult – TONY…

    Is just as fit;
    Phwarr…Im surprised they even exist…
    There way to hot…

    I love skins!!!
    All characters are funny but the funniest are…

    Chris & Sid…

    Prettiest –

    Cassie & Michelle…


    Maxxie & Tony

    Jal is in the middle of Pretty – Ugly….
    Sorry had to say it..

    Well maybe shes in the NICE coloum…

    Oh well;;
    Thats all from me 😉



    😉 😀 x

  13. Fuck off;; ‘Maxxie’s girlfriend’
    Trust me we all know you not really his girlfriend…
    Your just some self obsessed werido;;
    Abit like Sketch..
    So hunny…
    Why don’t you go do one and get a life while your at it.
    No one likes liers and sweetie your the biggest one of them all…

    Everyone thinks he’s Brill, Fit and Sexy and whatever else you wanna call him.
    Yeah, it maybe all true,
    But your so lame you have to lie..
    So go get a life,
    Don’t try to steal others.

    Maxxie – Mitch Hewer & Nicholas Hoult – Tony are fit;;
    Everyone knows it.
    So sweetie,


    BUT NOT AS HOT AS JOE(chris).

  16. OMG :O! Can He Not Like Pull His Trousers Down Just A Little More :O:O!!!!!
    He Is So Hottttttttttttttttttttt <3333333333333
    I LOVE Skins !!!
    And Tony Is Also Reallllllly Sexyyyyyyyy <333333

  17. I love mitch <33333 He is really sexyyyyyyyyyyyy<333333333333333333333333

  18. holy shit! NICE;P

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