Torchwood 2:4 (Spoilers)


About time. Finally Gwen and Rhys behave like a believable couple. A dark story about alien mutilation could have been quite average without some long awaited consistency in the supporting cast’s behaviour. Where last series Gwen and Rhys’ relationship, and Gwen’s response to it in particular, was completely cringeworthy, now Rhys finally knows everything. It’s frustrating that again there was no movement in the central themes of this series, but this correction needed to be made.

A cautionary tale, it suffered from excessive piety and occasionally awful CGI and camerawork. It was something which the last series suffered from as well. I’m sorry, I really am pretty bored with the constant reminder of how awful man is to man and animal (or in this case alien animal). It’s worthy, but it’s not that interesting. It was Eve (Gwen) Myles’ acting which made this all worthwhile however. Where last year she made no sense whatsoever as a character with her frequent lies and betrayals of Rhys, here she’s loyal, intelligent, and passionate. The conflicts in her character are still there, but now she’s consistent and believable. A big step forwards, as are the challenges she poses for Jack (and his relationship with Ianto – why are we still not seeing that?).


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