I Heart Huckabee

Oho. So the Republican base really don’t like McCain, but they realise he’s probably the most electable candidate. The moderates hate Romney, the evangelicals also hate Romney, delivering state after state to…Mike Huckabee. He’s not so much in the race again to win, more now acting as a brake against Romney’s challenge to McCain. This should have been sewn up last night and it wasn’t, allowing all sorts of speculation about McCain’s inability to unify the party.

If that sounds like music to Hillary Clinton’s ears, it should be. Obama took more states, but she took more delegates. The Democrats’ contest is also far from over, but she took California, New York and New Jersey. Obama’s far from out, but the momentum is unquestionably with Hillary now (and that’s crucially with Bill Clinton behaving in the last week). This could yet reverse – this contest is unprecedented in so many ways – but common sense now dictates that although the fight goes on, party unity should prevail. Whichever of these two wins, has a curiously open goal by an opposing party which seems to know McCain’s the right guy in its head but not in its heart.


2 responses to “I Heart Huckabee

  1. Just a random guy passing through your blog, which I enjoy. In return, you might enjoy this comment on the Obama/Clinton media circus:

    Thanks for writing!

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