“2 x 2”

It’s been a strange election contest so far, but now both parties are effectively reduced to contests between two candidates each – Clinton v Obama (with Edwards dropping out) & McCain v Romney (with Giuliani dropping out – Huckabee’s not developing any momentum at all). In fact, given Giuliani’s endorsement of McCain, not to mention The Governator’s, it’s hard to imagine McCain not locking in a win on Super Tuesday. His challenge will then be to determine the soul of a horribly corrupted GOP. Will he drag it from the brink of fascism, or given that the neocons hate him & evangelicals have no time for him, cause a collapse in the overall Republican turnout in November? At this stage it’s hard to tell.

Oh and if Obama is to stand a chance on Tuesday, he’s going to have to demonstrate his grand coalition-building ability. If he doesn’t nail it down and prove he can cut across party lines more effectively than McCain (who also has age and more experience than even Hillary on his side), then Hillary will also seal her victory on Tuesday. Given also that the evangelicals aren’t going for McCain, Obama could, if he chose, target the vast religious vote. But how could he do that, whilst at the very least supporting gay rights? Through demonstrating the “leadership” which bought him the Kennedys’ endorsement. He really has to put it into practice in a hurry, and stop getting rattled by Bill Clinton.


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