Bill Clinton Can’t Resist the Urge

“CHARLESTON, SC—After spending two months accompanying his wife, Hillary, on the campaign trail, former president Bill Clinton announced Monday that he is joining the 2008 presidential race, saying he “could no longer resist the urge.”


The Onion, 23 January 2008


3 responses to “Bill Clinton Can’t Resist the Urge

  1. That is a (or is it an?) horrific picture.

  2. Heeee! As is often the case, it’s the last line that really makes it…

    “Clinton also noted that, if elected, the timing would be perfect for his family, as his wife has recently expressed a desire to move back to the D.C. area.”

  3. It’s a devastating indictment on the two of them, isn’t it? Every line is from an article which no doubt Clinton has running through his head at all times. That fact alone is dangerous for her. As much as I still like the man, she is starting to play second fiddle to him in this contest. I’m not sure right now what she’s about, because he’s shouting a little too loudly about what he’s about.

    My prediction in the Gore thread is unchanged – Clinton v McCain in November and McCain to win (although it isn’t desirable). We’ll see what happens on Tuesday now I guess. Clinton shutting down the vitriol is itself an interesting precursor to those contests.

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