Moral Authority

It’s not a question of ‘change’. Obama supporters who really think their man can change anything substantially are sadly utterly deluded. Neo-liberal economics are now so entrenched in what is now a fully globalised economy, that real change is next to impossible – America can’t fight that when it’s essentially leading the way for economies who really don’t want to go in that direction. That country, as well as this, and all other Western nations are faced with the prospect of politicians as administrators, tinkering with policy and society, but essentially unable to change the gap between rich and poor (which is what people surely mean when they say ‘change’). I’m not saying this is a good thing – it isn’t – even the winners of this economic/ideological settlement face environmental destruction, random threats of extreme terrorism from the losers of the settlement, as well as pointless economic ruin from market crashes like the one which scared everyone this week. In that respect Obama’s a liar – a well-meaning one, but a liar nonetheless. Hillary Clinton appears to understand this process at least but hardly classifies as a leader who can lead people through the dark side of this settlement, such as a turning back from the concept of universal human rights – a problem which affects everyone. I’m going to take a guess and say McCain’s going to win in November and this man will step up to the plate in 2012:

From the wooden also-ran in 2000 Gore has become a moral leader. Whilst it’s true that he argues a passionate case for the environment and then lives a double standard, he has managed effectively to bring emotive political issues to the fore and actually offer solutions. He offered himself as a tinkerer in 2000, and although a majority of people did vote for him (it’s nice thinking this is the true American President speaking), their lack of enthusiam saw the idiot Bush win the grand prize. As a man who works outside politics, is he the one who next time really can fix politics? Bill Clinton’s error this time is in ignoring his resources as someone who is making massive world change happen outside of the political process. He’s campaigning essentially for Hillary to…tinker, when the insight possible from someone who’s achieved what he has for bringing a stalled political process together with non-political players who can make change happen, is being left aside. I know he doesn’t like the easy ride Obama got in the early stages of this contest, but he’s missing the point; Gore isn’t.

Al Gore for President in 2012 please. I welcome your thoughts.


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