Torchwood 2:2 (Spoilers)


Not bad. Not as cool as last week, and it did retread ground repeated many times – very old questions about retaining humanity when you realise you’re not human after all. That could have brought the episode right down into boredom, but although it was clumsy at times, it instead provided the setup for another subplot seemingly destined to run throughout the series. It’s something which sister programme Doctor Who’s managed very well since its relaunched, and by the end tonight they’d locked it in quite well. How can they make a sleeper invasion work though when that too is a very old concept?

Answer: when the sleeper admits they know who Jack ‘really is’ – what did they mean? How much of Jack’s past is going to be tackled this time (at last)? Is the Jack he’s shown to be running away so desperately from last week going to be responsible for the invasion? Questions are good – they just need answering this time, unlike last series.

The new trademark humour worked well, Ianto’s in particular, and Tosh is coming even more into her own. Next week needs either to be a standalone or some of the answers to be tackled. Or have a bedroom scene with Jack and Ianto (no, I haven’t forgotten their date ;))…


3 responses to “Torchwood 2:2 (Spoilers)

  1. I think I preferred this week’s Torchwood to last week’s. Last week was too much like an introduction to all those who hadn’t watched the first series, so a little boring. In response to tonight’s plots about retaining humanity when you’r e not human and the whole idea of the sleeper unit of aliens as ‘old stories’, well I agree they’ve been done before but I don’t think there’s any such thing as a ‘new story’ specially in sci-fi, I’m quite looking forward to seeing how the sleeper unit storyline works out.


  2. Oh that’s a good point – there’s no such thing as a new idea anymore. There may not have been for a long time, but certainly not in any storytelling medium now. It’s all in the execution, and the execution tonight was pretty good. I worry still a bit about the editing, the same as last series, but the questions which “Sleeper” needed to set up *were* set up. At least the characters are behaving consistently, which is more than could be said of series 1!

  3. A much better episode! I’m loving Ianto too!

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