Clinton and McCain

It’s a long way to go – we have Super Tuesday to come yet, but it’s looking increasingly likely that the final nominees just might be Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Of course we can’t rule out other competitors yet. Next Saturday Barack Obama’s likely to win South Carolina for the Democrats (of course if he doesn’t then his campaign really is stalling), but three days later McCain’s likely to fend off Giuliani according to the polls. It’s true that Mitt Romney appears to be putting a loose coalition together, and the consummate political chameleon seems to be McCain’s most likely national challenger. And who knows what Super Tuesday will bring?

I’d favour a Clinton/McCain contest in November because I really wouldn’t know who’d win. A choice between a centrist left winger or a moderate (& at least intelligent) Conservative. Each appeals to the free-thinking (& rational) voter, which is more than could be said about the outgoing chimp – now the Least Popular President Ever©. It is odd though, isn’t it, that the cleanest campaign seems to being run by a right-winger? Truly this is an unusual contest.


4 responses to “Clinton and McCain

  1. It certainly is unusual.
    I happen to be an Obama supporter, but right now it looks like Hillary has the advantage.
    On the GOP side, even though Romney finished second in a couple of early primaries, his delegate total is right up there – that’s what he’s banking on. And who knows what Rudy will do in Florida…

  2. I know. Just what will happen in Florida? If he were to buck the advancing trends then the GOP race goes murky and inconclusive again – I mean how could even he pull out a national coalition to get him to Pennsylvania Avenue? I really wouldn’t want him to, I think the man’s odious despite being socially liberal, and hope his baggage (and campaign miscalculations) mean he’ll lose. I know I’ll come to regret that if we end up with President Romney in 2009…;)

  3. Ouch! Mitt in the Oval Office…
    So, who do you like?

  4. Well a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to hear Edwards speak at the London School of Economics. He started out with typical politician speak, but it didn’t go down well – hardly surprising at the LSE. What he fell back on was very impressive, when he actually spoke from the heart, without preparation. It’s disappointing he’s already effectively out of the race. Between Hillary and Obama my choice has always been and remains Hillary.

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