Crash at Heathrow

In all honesty I really wouldn’t want to fly BA again any time soon. Not only was this not the first total electrical shutdown in the air they’ve faced, but it’s been established before that they will do anything to keep their planes flying, even when they’re clearly in an unsafe state. They’ve been lucky before, even yesterday, but I personally wouldn’t want to take my chances again.


2 responses to “Crash at Heathrow

  1. Up until now I’ve felt rather sorry for British Airways because the seem to have suffered with one thing and another over the last few years including race rows and strikes. However, I have to agree with you. Thinking back – we went on a BA about a year ago and we had to wait for someone to jump start the plane (seriously) because the pilot couldn’t do it manually. On the way home we had the same plane and the same problem!


    I think I’ll avoid both BA and 777s in the future, as you say. I was on a BA in 2005 out of LAX which flew straight up into a major storm, when it clearly wasn’t safe to do so. The flight was already hours late avoiding the storm coming in, but they decided it was ok the other direction?!! My thoughts about air travel changed completely when it clearly wasn’t ok – the 747 was blown to a crazy angle when we weren’t even at 1000 ft.

    Remarkable split second decision making by the flight crew on this one though – undoubtedly saved maybe hundreds of lives.

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