Barbaric Britain

A ‘very compassionate country’? Britain? He must be mad. The decision to depart Ana Sumani, a terminally ill woman, back to Ghana is typical of a country which has completely lost any of its humanity, particularly in its public services. The police? They’ll kill Brazilians they don’t like the look of, and then collude to get away with it. The NHS? They’ll stamp on whistle blowers who try to stop them abusing patient data and human rights. Now the Home Office thinks it makes sense to deport a woman whose visa had merely expired, even though she has cancer and can’t afford the care back home in Ghana. Hey at least they didn’t get her shot multiple times in the head, like the aforementioned famous (alleged – maybe it was yet another slander which partially stuck to him) visa overstayer.

I despair, I really do. It isn’t even an election year. It’s typical of the petty, power mad culture of public services in this country. Go after real criminals? Nah we’ll go after soft options who can’t fight back, let us meet our targets set by the stupid technocrats in central government, keep our funding and jobs and go about our merry way. Who cares about the lives we ruin on the way? We’ll just blame them for their own fate – it’s an easier life for us and it works all the time. Pathetic.


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