Happy New Year?

I can see from my stats that there are a lot of people reading this blog. I can also see that I probably know very few of you that well at all.

I have my own hopes and fears about 2008. There are a lot of worries – more than any other year I can remember other than 1990 probably, when my Mum died. The scale of them is enormous – from the intensely personal through to the economic. Will I get the job I want? Will I be able to afford my mortgage when it reverts from its fixed interest rate in August? Have the decisions upon which I’ve based my recent life actually been sound? This all happens this year. Nasty as 2007 was, it was a walk in the park compared with what’s to come for me. Having said that I learned a great deal in 2007, which brought with it more personal development than at any time since I saw out the counselling diploma course in 2000. Being able to build on that this year is a strong position to be in, in many ways a stronger one than I’ve been in for many years, if not ever. I am more creative than I’ve ever been, have the building blocks in place to pursue a life of exploration rather than mere reaction, and have realised I have the best, truest, noblest friends around me that I’ve had my entire life.

So what does 2008 hold in store for you? What’s exciting you about what’s to come – Bush leaving office, God likely to show His face (there may be a confluence here), travel plans, films, TV, relationships, you name it! What’s depressing you – what are the weaknesses in the 12 months to come? But what’s likely to make it interesting, what are your ambitions? As many comments as you can please!


2 responses to “Happy New Year?

  1. One of the readers in me. You know me and I still very much enjoy your blog.


  2. And it’s good to have you here. It’s good to have every/any regular reader.

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