Merry Christmas

My first Christmas on WordPress and a good one it is too.Tom and I are in Geneva, Switzerland, lording it up on the 14th floor of the Mövenpick Hotel at the airport, with free wi-fi and a luxury room. We’re some of the few people who made it out of London today, after the two day hell of the fog and its after effects. I’m particularly grateful for that – it was touch and go right until heading up to the airport. Where last year was our first Christmas together at our home, this year it’s our first Christmas alone together abroad, and we’re loving it. Tom’s ooh-ing and aah-ing over the whirlpool bath, as we recover from the unlimited free drinks in the lounge. An expensive trip this? Not a bit of it, and the quality of the service here is so excessively good that there isn’t even any stress, at least so far!For Christmas Day tomorrow we’re going to enjoy their in-house buffet, with (shocker) stupid amounts of ice cream, not to mention even more stupid amounts of (free) alcohol. Not bad, eh? Then on Boxing Day we’re going to have a wonderful fondue at the Edelweiss restaurant, after a day taking it easy wandering the town, and loving the view at the Téléphérique du Salève. All in a small yet sophisticated city by the water. Overtones of Vancover – I wonder how it’ll feel, when we haven’t even seen it in daylight yet!This bed alone is therapeutic. Merry Christmas y’all.


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