Clegg Starts Well

So Nick Clegg wins the Liberal Democrat leadership. Exciting eh? Can his win possibly be more interesting or exciting than Vince Cable’s mastery in the role? Recovering alcoholic, former leader Charlie Kennedy thinks not.

Still…when asked today about whether he believed in God, his answer was “no”. In this era where people wear their religions on their sleeve (particularly politicians), it’s about time. I’m not remotely sure if I can vote for the Lib Dems next time, but Clegg is so totally principled on ID cards it’s going to be a temptation:


2 responses to “Clegg Starts Well

  1. I’m reasonably impressed with what I’ve seen of Clegg so far. It’s refreshing to see someone say outright that they don’t believe in god, particularly when he admits his kids are being brought up Catholic following his wife’s faith.

    I am still surprised though that Vince Cable didn’t run for the leadership given how well he did while he was acting. Perhaps that was it, he didn’t have to play it safe knowing that he wasn’t going to be there for long. Hmm.

  2. I think you’re right. Recently I’ve been utterly bewildered by Cable’s not having gone for the top job. But unlike Campbell he had the luxury of having nothing to lose and he exploited his freedom almost to do the job entirely as he wished. If he’d gone in as a candidate it’s *possible* his age might have counted against him. This way is probably best if you think about it – Cable remains Shadow Chancellor and Deputy Leader – it can all rub off on Clegg if he plays his cards right. He starts out as leader as boss of a nascent team for the first time in recent Lib Dem history.

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