The Met ‘At War’

How shocking eh, that the Metropolitan Police should use a militaristic metaphor? Nonetheless the Met Police Federation has said London’s officers are ‘at war’ with the government over pay.

On the one hand I utterly accept that the government needs to control inflation. But as Piers Morgan rightly pointed out last night, they have no issue in finding the money to blow up Iraq, and on a vaster scale too. And the pay system is through arbitration, which has been successful for both sides for decades, and without incident. Any government which breaks an arbitration system in the public sector is pretty stupid.

However, this is the Met we’re talking about. They don’t have the right to strike, but who’d arrest them if they did? They’re disproportionately overpopulated with violent, bigoted, incompetent layabouts, so in that sense what difference would a strike even make, but this attempt to force the Home Secretary to resign through their say so has very sinister undertones.

“An emergency meeting of the Police Federation delegates also agreed to stage the first mass protest rally of officers for five years in the new year in London.”

I can’t wait to photograph this and share it with you, I really can’t.


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