I would talk about the good natured Climate Change march I joined last weekend, but instead I’d rather investigate the pressure group I encountered, which led to the only minimal violence I witnessed on the day. Fitwatch are a grouping which monitors the Metropolitan Police’s Future Intelligence Team: a shamefully legal means of criminalising people who haven’t committed a criminal offence. Despite parliamentary and Met assurances, this could, with the Met’s customary aggressive mindset, only lead to infringe people’s human rights. The De Menezes case alone shows how much sensitivity the Met pays to that.

The customary cameramen were there, invading the privacy and rights of thousands of protesters. Once at the American Embassy, where the march ended, the inevitable confrontation occurred. Fitwatch taunted the already nervy officers, some of whom as with the Stop the War march, responding violently until restrained by their colleagues – all too aware of the cameras trained on them. It was all very post-modern.

In a society where surveillance and pre-criminalising people leads to violent death, these boys can only be providing a public service. This blogger would like to thank them for their efforts in watching the watchmen.


One response to “Fitwatch

  1. Scary post, but necessary to speak truth to power. The rights of the people to speak and assembly peacefully cannot be abridged in a free society. Your documentation of these oppressive efforts will assist in denying them authority.

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