Loving Kindness

Alistair called it loving kindness. I ignored it first time around earlier in the year, and now it feels like about the only thing which can see me through. I have had a monstrous knock, not enough time to use the four field diagnostic tools *well*, and constant, insidious pressure from overt and covert angles. By as early as Tuesday I was again believing my thoughts and ignoring my feelings. Thank goodness the four fields of mindfulness allowed me to revert that back to its proper equilibrium this morning, which (thankfully) reduced me to a tearful mess.

Loving kindness is another tool, when used skilfully able to bring about positive mindstates. With the disasters of this year still all too fresh in my mind, and their possible successors clawing at both of our heels, it couldn’t be more necessary. At least this morning’s meditation allowed me again to see the world through both the thinking and feeling prisms. I’ve missed that since Monday, which isn’t long but has felt it.

Work with Alistair will continue in January – I am learning and reinforcing these lessons, but I still need support and guidance.


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