The Man Who Drank the Universe


5 responses to “The Man Who Drank the Universe

  1. thanks guys, for this publication. through my experience in peru i found the medicine is much more than a “head trip” in that it seeks to allign consciousness through the mind (thought) the heart (feeling) and the belly (being). I agree that Mamma Ayahuasca will challenge you in peeling the layers of ego off of the depths of your underlying truth. I can honestly say that while viciously vomitting in the rainforest I was in a place of clarity and bliss. this sacred plant spirit allows you to replace the weight of your agonizing, regretfull life experiences (hucha -or heavy energy) with the knowledge that only a difficult lesson can teach… like a stubborn child learning the value of sharing.
    i continue to find it necessary to honor the traditions that have established this healing modality as well as the ayahuasqueros, with their icaros (sacred medicine songs) who guide these jouneys. for those motivated, i feel that it is essential to seek out a relationship with a master that exudes impeccability and resonates with your being.

  2. that goes for your OB/GYN’s too ladies…

  3. Just to make clear to new readers that this isn’t me. This is TV presenter and my meditation teacher Alistair Appleton.

  4. intrigueing

  5. I drank ayhuasca when i was living and working in Peru, just because I was curious. It was the probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do, but also one of the most important. I have described the experience to my friends and parent, but this is the first time I’ve heard anyone speak of it who I can really relate to, and It’s made me happy to know that others, like me, understand how I felt and how I feel – Thank you!

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