Backward Nations

Is it Pudsey? Is it Mohammed?

This is a teddy bear. Some call him Pudsey. I call him Mohammed.

A British female teacher in Sudan is being prosecuted for allowing a teddy bear to be given the same name as Islam’s prophet. One of her students said it was actually named after him instead, but she’s due to go on trial tomorrow anyway.

This is backward. Care to see some cartoons?


3 responses to “Backward Nations

  1. You can try to mock islam, turn it into a figure of fun, but you know, we should just leaved it to the mad mullahs, because nobody does it better than the sudanese!! They have, in the space of a few days, turned their stupid dogmatic excuse for a religion into a world wide laughing stock. On my christmas wish list? A stuffed Turkey called Osama, anyone?

  2. It’s not like it was a pig or anything! I think that naming something to be cherished after someone loved and respected is a compliment, personally… What about all the PEOPLE called Mohammed? Should their parents be prosecuted?

    And after all, it was the kids who chose the name, wasn’t it? I bet there would have been uproar if she had said “no, you can’t call it Mohammed, how about Rupert?”

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