A Metropolitan Murder

Bomb Risk

On 22nd August 2005 the Metropolitan Police ruthlessly executed a thoroughly innocent man. Over two years later, the IPCC has exonerated everyone involved in his murder, Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, who has slandered or authorised the slander of de Menezes ever since, hasn’t lost his job (despite having been proven to have blocked the investigation), and is now actively supported by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

Why though? Why should it be ok for someone who’s supposed to be in a position of protecting people effectively to say “shit happens”? Answer: it shouldn’t. We’re supposed to think, in the narrative we’re all unavoidably caught up in, that sacrifices are acceptable, that even covering them up is morally just because ‘getting the terrorists’ is more important. I think if we go down that pathway we lose our souls, moreover we continue to encourage this dehumanising surveillance society, where we ultimately become answerable to organisations like the Metropolitan Police, rather than the other way around.


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