Political Smugness When You Least Expect It

From me, I might add. Today I took great joy in realising that the entire country had discovered something I’ve known for nearly two years: Britain’s HM Revenue & Customs are a complete joke. Not only are they a law unto themselves, but they’re an incompetent law unto themselves. These people have lost the personal details – full private identity information – of 25 million people. Their computer system wasn’t hacked, information wasn’t misplaced. The personal information of nearly half the country was lost in the post.

Now I’ve known this was how shambolic this organisation was for nearly two years now. But I didn’t think they’d be so pathetic as to prove it so easily to the entire country. I dare anyone who supports the idea of the (until now) upcoming ID cards to stand by the argument that the government can be trusted to keep their identity and personal information safe. Clearly we’re all much safer and better off through the constantly encroaching surveillance society, don’t you think?

“The No2id campaign called for an immediate audit of all personal information held by the government: “This data disaster shows up the madness behind the government’s ID schemes. People had no choice about giving up that information. It makes the government the biggest identity theft of all.””


One response to “Political Smugness When You Least Expect It

  1. And yet another reason to be glad we left the country…

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