The Backwardness Must Stop!

A Christian group trying to prosecute the producer and broadcaster of Jerry Springer – The Opera under blasphemy laws will take its case to the high court in London today.

It really must stop. The concept of blasphemy in a modern, functionally secular society is completely bananas. And for Christians to suggest that in some way they are being discriminated against is utterly laughable, in a society which for all its nominal secularism is fundamentally Christian. In an age of human rights, which admittedly include the freedom to worship, we also live with the presumption of rationality – if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Your religion and your God are personal matters, which a television programme or a play don’t impinge on. It’s part of this odious trend as well towards taking offence on behalf of someone else – if your God is so hideously offended, He’s more than welcome to take out a libel action.

Surely we have more important things to be getting on with in our lives? Could someone explain to me why the last two Prime Ministers haven’t wiped this anachronistic offence off the statute books? Oh yes maybe it’s because they’re pious theists too. And they wonder why the reasonable people don’t vote any more…


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